Since its inception as a company specialized in the D&Y coating of the world market has been leading the development of rapid change 30 years of accumulated technology and quality control based on the best one stop solution [injection, coating, deposition, Assembly, etc.] and are offering to customers.

Boasting an excellent seal technology than other companies, electronics MAIN COVER from child part as far as injection and can produce up to assemble the seal, deposition technology and Manpower.
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Facilities available ONE-STOP-SYSTEM the customers want products and strict process control and maintains a pleasant production environments are fast growth Of-the-art machinery and automation system through ELECTRONIC, mobile, automotive, DATA CARD, USB, TABLET, AUTOMOTIVE and various other production systems and thorough quality management to seek the best of the industry.

Unique eco-friendly technology for next-generation mobile, smart phones, electronic devices, automobiles and various other sectors widen.
In addition, ongoing capital expenditures of India through a local first factory [NOIDA] 2nd factory installed high-tech equipment as a [GREATER NOIDA] stable production CAPACITY A global leader in enterprise on the basis of the highest quality and technology in order to become a, and former employees have a family-like bond and are working in unison.

Continuous quality improvement and innovation will constitute the formula called D&Y = coating done