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D&Y understand that the quality and reliability of our products are critical to our customers,
Processes ,services and product .
Our success depends on our customers success .

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Technologies D&Y


Injection moulding is a auto feeding and auto injection process of forming a product by forcing molten thermoplastic material is injected under required pressure into a mould also the mould is designed according to the customer's.
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After spraying in Paints of different colors to the product surface paint-hardening for a short time by using the uv energy that is the uv coating Principle Use the UV wavelength of 356nm.
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EVA Poration

That process is insert of the UV BASE COATING material inside CHAMBER and made in the high vacuum state(9.0 * 10^-5torr 20min ~ 30min). Inside the high vacuum chamber, to melt degree of purity 99.9% SN.
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Vision Mission

D & Y Technologies(P)Ltd. Support long term sustainable development and life-cycle thinking and also strives to minimize negative environmental impact from our operation and production. Our vision is to offer sustainable coating systems.


MD Message

We sincerely thank to all of the partners and customers who have taken interest and generous encouragement to the development of our D & Y. ....Since its inception in 1992, we have been led to rapid changes in technology.


About D&Y

Since its inception as a company specialized in the D&Y coating of the world market has been leading the development of rapid change 30 years of accumulated technology and quality control based on the best one stop solution.