Urethane Coating is a coating method in which thermal energy is used for hardneing purpose. all colours are possible by using this coating method.

It is the best and unique coating method for metal.

The main chemical reaction behind Urethane Coating is it is a polymer composed by carbamate. Mainly there are two types of urethane coating possible based on there thermal properties..

  1. Thermo-setting 2. Thermo-plasic

But basically we are using thermoplastic polyurethane. Thermoplastic poly urethane is shortly called as TPU.
TPU are formed by the chemical reactions of: di-isocynates  with short-chain diols (so-called chain extenders) and also di-isocyanates with long-chain diols.
The important properties of TPU are

  1. High abrasion resistance
  2. Rich mechanical property
  3. Chemical resistance towards oil and grease
  4. Inject ability
  5. Elasticity


4.Less oxidative
5.Less older.


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