In reliability testing we emphasize the dependability of our manufactured products by some approved reliability test. This process is also helpful to describe the ability of product or component to function under some pre stated conditions. The main purpose of reliability testing in our company is to provide a ROHS product to our valuable customers.
Also our company believe to enlighten the new thoughts and ideas. In R&D lab our company concentrate & implement on new innovative ideas which accelerate our business with customer.
R&D process is also create a sustain effect to our product for upcoming globalized market. As basically our company is related to mobile manufacturing industry so the main objective of our company is to customer satisfaction and environment satisfaction .
In R&D lab our company work very hard to get some more improved paint which follows ROHS (RESTICTION OF HAZARDIOUS SUBSTANCE). By Which we can give a better product in customer's hand.
Also our company strictly oppose the use of some toxic chemicals like CADMIUM(CD), BROMIN(BR), LEAD(PB),MERCURY(HG), HEXA VALENT CROMIUM(CR6+), POLY BROMINATED