A Message from CEO

We sincerely thank all of our partners and customers for their interest and encouragement in D&Y..
Since its inception in March 1991, we have been developing the coating industry through creative technological innovation.
We have responded to rapid changes D&Y has been leading the coating industry with its unrivaled technology and has been working on localization in India as well as Korea.
We are making a leap forward as a global company with success We are making a leap forward as a global company with success.
We are striving to improve corporate competitiveness through continuous investment in state-of-the-art coating facilities, management innovation, employee welfare, job creation and localization of social structure in India. In addition, all products are endeavoring to be a company that produces high quality products through thorough management of hazardous substances and plays a leading role in environmental protection. We ask for your continued interest and encouragement so that we can grow into a global company that fulfills its responsibilities as a social enterprise.

All employees, including myself, promise to do our best to meet the expectations of our customers.
D&Y Technologies Pvt. Ltd.