Process Chart


Injection moulding machine is a device for moulding plastic products. As the initial mass production stage of the production process, the injection will have a significant impact on productivity and quality. It holds the latest injection machine various ultra-high-speed, high speed, low speed, low-pressure injection machine, D & Y was excellent retention of ultra-precision injection machine of SERVO-MOTOR control function and quality assurance of the product in accordance with the quality characteristics precision injection moulding and reproducibility, injection moulding system environmentally friendly, is built.


The purpose of applying the coating may be decorative, functional or both. And we have the equipment required for UV coating process of the moulding of plastic injection. The introduction of automated equipment of the whole process, post-processing line ensures the quality of human resources in the world and the highest levels of technical expertise in particular. Electrical appliances, mobile phone, tablet, USB, Data card, car audio, Automotive, and cosmetic containers, any products, various coatings are available.


You will want to evaporation for beauty aesthetic appearance of injection molded plastic, and scratch prevention of the molded article. You can create a beautiful course of metallic shine, even flashy color evaporation holds vacuum evaporation equipment


The EMI is blocking electromagnetic waves from mobile phones electromagnetic shielding paint with a special coating process for the Plastic moulding. The entire process is automated through the line made


The Printing is a process that uses the ink various logos and printed on the product. Custom-made color and design of various sizes that customers want is possible. We will stand out even more your brand.


Assembling the parts, and finish products, create a finished product that you need


The OQC is inspection method before the product is delivered to the customer, and be implemented in accordance with the inspection criteria and standard requirements of customers. Inspector of superior ability will check carefully all product.


Goods are can quickly shipped to the customer committed to delivery